Gun Awaiting Discovery: Video Content Production

Immediately at the beginning of the summer, we see only the title is worth noting that the current market in Turkey. Because many businesses in the European market pay attention to this issue. While your competitors are unaware of this weapon and / or cannot use it correctly, we want to introduce you a weapon to get ahead of your industry. The name of this gun is video content production.

The success of video content, which has been emphasized over the years by many researchers / entrepreneurs, especially Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is a fact that is still ignored by our country's businesses. Turning this situation into an opportunity and there are hundreds of people who are rich in YouTube content alone, it is not even a business that you feel uncomfortable that your business does not produce video content.

As you follow, video content has started to be placed in a separate place in all social media networks, especially Instagram, in recent years. Especially since the IGTV update of Instagram, other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have started to feature video content by giving them privileges, showing them to more visitors and going to customizations. In the video content world led by YouTube, people can now easily access video content from their social media accounts.

On the other hand, even we as SEO Consultants or Website Managers sometimes forget that Google is basically a search engine as we get into that technical issue. Although Google now sees itself in the "artificial intelligence" category, it continues to preserve the values ​​in its main algorithm. Therefore, regardless of the video, image, article, we produce original, demanding content that Google demands from us. As long as you can provide this, Google rewards you in some way. The original and demanding videos you will produce in a period when the video content is so successful will return to you as customers and money in every sense.

With its new updates, Google has now activated video searches ... Yes, you read that right. Now it can even show answers from videos to a question you ask Google. Also, the answer you are looking for is the number of seconds of the video by determining those seconds with artificial intelligence. Do not ignore a material that such large companies that we use almost every day on the Internet, care so much. Original ideas, equipment, viral ads etc. for content production. You can contact us by filling out the "Social Media Management Form" by clicking the link below for any topic you need to get support about video content.

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