Why Do I Need a Digital Advertising Consultant?

Digital marketing and sales strategies, which have become an indispensable factor in today's trade, continue to increase their share in the cake with a high acceleration every year. While companies that cannot get the share they deserve from the digital market raise the flag of bankruptcy one by one, those who catch the technology required by the age manage to stand. On the other hand, we cannot ignore those who write success stories from scratch using only the power of the digital market.

In such an environment, it should not be deceived that the advertising business needs professional support. As we especially highlighted in our other articles, people are now exposed to hundreds of advertisements every day. Those who can stand out among these advertisements and attract attention, those who can mobilize the customers earn money, and other advertisers suffer from the cost of advertising.

“So what does a digital advertising consultant do? What is digital advertising consultancy? How will they manage our ads differently than we manage so that our business will make money from the advertisement? How can we distinguish the customer from the advertisement from the others? " We will try to answer such questions under this article.

Digital advertising / marketing consultants, although a professional group especially in emerging geography of Turkey is advancing with firm steps towards becoming one of the most brilliant professional future, according to various research groups. Consultants are tasked with solving the digital problems of the companies they work with in high quality, appropriate and most importantly, fast ways. Digital Advertising Consultants, which have a wide range of work from social media management to product / catalog shootings, from website establishment to management, from Google optimizations to mobile compatibility, from Facebook ads to organic traffic, try to outsource all these within the organization or from external sources.

As WebEkibi, our consulting vision is to provide the most efficient service to our customers with the least possible outsourcing assistance. In this way we started out by optimizing your digital assets and preparing your sales strategies, instead of using the management of ads as a single-bullet weapon, we carry out the stage of making paid advertising as the last step of our process. Therefore, instead of running a random ad campaign through our consultants, starting with pre-prepared and analyzed ads will undoubtedly be a very important advantage in increasing your sales through advertising.

Our consultants apply various methods to distinguish people who shop from your business or follow campaigns due to advertising in your physical business. If we give an example of the most basic of these, the tracking of this statistic becomes very easy when the customer uses this code at the point of payment by giving codes to the campaigns. To give another example, it is possible to draw a conclusion from the attitude of the customer at the point of payment by making campaigns that do not have advertisements in your physical business.

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