Selling Strategies, Not Advertising

We know that promoting ads with the right target audience, right materials and messages will significantly increase the profit rate. So how about not leaving it to chance by making your ads within a strategy? Let's start with what the advertising and sales strategy is in detail.

All visual, written and audio materials produced to promote a product, service, person or event can be called advertisements. The material to be used, the message to be emphasized and the target audience to be displayed should be carefully selected according to the purpose of the preparation of an advertisement. Some variables that show the success of the ads have become the sole focus of advertisers in the market right now. As a result of our research as WebEkbi, we tried to discuss the parameters that can increase the success of an advertisement in more detail. As a result, the point we will draw attention to is the kind that can change your perspective on advertising.

Compared to 10 years ago, the number of ads we are exposed to in our daily lives has increased more than 10 times. So what does this mean for the advertiser and the customer? Television, radio and billboards, which were the only effective advertising tools before, have now been replaced by electronic devices. Because, instead of showing a picture to be posted on a billboard to everyone who passes through that location, it naturally makes sense to show the desired age group, location and even the people whose interests are selected on the internet more effortlessly. Therefore, the hand of advertisers seems to be stronger in this sense, because it is now in the hands of advertisers to expose their customers to ads as long as they want. However, we also have to look at this issue from the customer side… In an environment where people are exposed to thousands of advertisements every day, it has become extremely difficult for any advertisement to attract our attention, no matter how correctly it is designed.

If we take it a step further, even if people click on ads, when they look at the content, they tend to close the page directly when they sense that the only purpose is advertising. What percentage of ad clicks return to you as sales? Even more important question is what is your net profit per click? We know that everybody speaks this language now, all of the ordinary advertisers have already made dozens of them to you. So what are the sales strategies, how are they different from ads?

Although the history of advertising goes back hundreds of years, sales strategies are not a concept with that great history. On the other hand, when you compare its effects, it helps us to understand that advertising turns into an important weapon when used as a result, not a tool. Instead of choosing a visual, text, and advertisements, advertising sets are preferred in sales strategies - according to the purpose - not advertising. Advertising teams allow multiple text, visual or audio variations to be tested and select the combination that most mobilizes the chosen customer base.

As a result, when we use this advertisement as part of a sales strategy, we come across a much more effective weapon compared to an ordinary advertisement. It all starts with determining the strategy. Advertising teams suitable for the strategy are prepared, advertising is reached. Later, again in accordance with the strategy, the customer is rewarded on the condition that they give their information to the company and here is the result we want… We reach the customer's information. How we can use this information will be discussed in detail in our next blog posts.

We tried to draw the roadmap of the sales strategies followed by WebEkibi advertising consultants in general. If you are spending money on advertising in your business but you cannot get the amount you want, if you think that you cannot get your share of the digital world market, we recommend that you ask our digital advertising consultants for a meeting and analyze what you have done right and what is wrong.

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